UNIFIED is the soundtrack of good people working together to achieve extraordinary results

UNIFIED is an Australian based music company that provides a varied range of services that include Artist Management, Record Labels, Merchandising and Publishing and anything in between.

As a company we lead professional, passionate and motivated people to achieve extraordinary results. We achieve this through a three way relationship between artist, team and the fans.

The key brands under Unified are:


UNFD is an independent record label and brand that sets the tone in the heavy music community by releasing music from the best Rock, Metal, Punk and Hardcore artists from Australia and around the world. Launched on January 1, 2011, the label has become Australia’s leading heavy music brand. UNFD is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Warner Music Australia, and around the world by Believe Music.


ONETWO is an independent record label that specialises in Hip Hop music. As a joint venture with Australian artist Illy, the label launched in 2013 with a vision to develop and nurture talent within the Hip Hop community. Like UNFD, ONETWO is distributed by Warner Music Australia and ADA around the world.

24 Hundred

24 Hundred is the leading online Merchandise and Fashion retailer for alternative sub-cultures, offering a professional and personal retail outlet for it’s customer base and clients alike.

WAU Management

WAU is a collective of managers working with and for its clients on a worldwide stage. WAU is a premium management company that take a quality over quantity approach to it’s roster and thrives across multiple genres.

WAU Publishing

WAU Publishing is the Publishing division of Unified and was established in 2011. Via a deal with Mushroom Music, WAU is in a position to sign artists from a wide range of genres. Utilising Mushrooms incredible synchronisation team and global collection network, WAU focuses on signing great acts and working with them to achieve success across their whole career.


UNIFIED prides itself on forming strong working relationships with like minded businesses. The below people are friends of our company who we work with on a daily basis.